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AXIS™ Design Rotors are Manufactured with Advanced Cryogenic Technology

Hi-Tech –300 Degree below zero Cryogenic metal treatment transforms Austenitic molecules to more stable Martensitic:

  • Tempers matrix structures at the molecular level to resist stress 
    induced distortion.

  • Brake rotors last longer, increases resistance to warping.

  • Greatly improves material life and wear resistance. Longer life for 
    cranks and rods too

  • Valve gear and transmissions last 2-3 times longer

  • Springs, both valve and chassis optimized for more consistent 

From NASA to NASCAR, the wide spread use of Cryogenic technology in stabilizing a wide variety of metals has been thoroughly tested and documented over the past 20 years. The most advanced process spans over 40 hours in a computer controlled Liquid Nitrogen vapor that slowly takes the target material down to —300 degrees (F) where the carbon molecules are transformed from Austenitic to the more stable a Martensitic matrix.

In real terms, we eliminate residual stress and effectively change the core "default shape", that is changing the memory shape of the base material to a new base configuration. Regarding brake rotors, this means the new default shape is flat and true. As the rotor expands and contracts under thermal stress, it always wants to retain the memory shape thereby resisting distortion. Reduced material wear is another substantial benefit.

All BrakeTech AXIS Design full-floaters are Cryogenically processed in-house to maximize their performance parameters. Considering this process typically costs around $25 per rotor to do yours (plus round trip freight), you'd need to factor in roughly $75 on top of the purchase price of a set of lesser rotors to even begin to compare with the all new, high tech AXIS Design billet rotors.

Does this use of advanced technology guarantee BrakeTech rotors can't be warped? The simple answer is no; but as the only brake manufacturer utilizing this high level of expertise and methodology, we can state you'll not find a better high performance brake rotor. Period.



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